January Goals and February Goals

I am proud to announce that I reached all four of my monthly goals for January.  I saved $100, paid off an extra $100 of credit card debt, joined a group (dart league), and most importantly landed my first paying client!  Barely made it on the first two.  After 1st of the month bills I’ll have less than $50 to my name (sheesh).  And my paying client hasn’t paid me anything yet but he will although it’s less than $20 since we haven’t sold very many books yet.  But hey who’s counting…

My girlfriend challenged me to increase my goals for February.  I just love her tenacity!  Looking ahead through February I fear that it will be harder financially than January.  I suspect my truck needs brakes since they squeak and I can feel a coarse grind reverberate through the brake pedal that’s like a blade on a wet stone.  Can’t forget Valentine’s Day either.  I want to buy her roses to show her how much I appreciate her and I want to buy her something nice since we didn’t give gifts for Christmas.  A couple of clients would off-set those expenses.

Despite fear of failure I decided to ramp it up for February and really go for it.  This month I am going to:

  1.   Save $120
  2.   Pay down an extra $120 of debt
  3.   Land 2 paying clients
  4.   Attend a meeting for a new group
  5.   Pay off my brakes by the end of the month

Number 4 will require me to take a night off from work since most of the groups I’ve found meet at night and I have to succeed at Number 3 to make Number 5 happen.


It’s On

Finally, got with the author mentioned in the last post.  He liked my ideas and I absolutely love his book.  It’s funny, real funny.  Laugh out loud, still chuckling about it fifteen minutes after you read it funny.  Although we are on opposite schedules, he’s free on nights and weekends and I’m free during the day on weekdays, we have managed to have several conversations and email correspondences to work out major details but not enough time to sift through the finer details.  My strategy had to be reworked since he has to sell the book exclusively through Amazon per his publishing agreement.  No website to sell the book and track where sales are coming from.

This is a bit different from what I peddle to local businesses.  This is about sales not fan growth.  Rather than a flat monthly rate my compensation is a small cut of each book sold.  It’s more about online book reviews than facebook fans.  This is really about virality.  Can I set off a chain reaction that sells tens of thousands of books?  I know I can sell hundreds of books to old and new connections but that is hardly worth the time I will be putting into this.  He wanted me to tier my compensation based on sales targets (probably to motivate me…as if I need it!).  I couldn’t.  I can’t put numbers on it.  Wish I could but can’t.  In a low virality scenario we sell a few hundred.  In a high virality scenario we sell 10’s of thousands or a million.  Obviously, I’m shooting for the 10’s of thousands.  That’s where it’s worth it.

I can’t say much about it now until after the launch which is looking like Monday.  Going to be a lot busier now but I will post about my strategies, successes and failures as I go as often as possible.  I’ll throw the free sample chapter up too.

Still have to find the time between now and Wednesday to put together the pitch for the interior designers as well.  Oh and move out by Feb 1st.  It’s official….couldn’t be a worst time.

My New Years Resolution(s)

I’m generally not big on New Years resolutions because I tend to set goals for myself throughout the year, both short-term goals and long-term goals.  I reflect on my goals often and they evolve as things change.  None of my goals ever align with the one year time frame a resolution is supposed to be.

However, this year is a bit different since the start of my social media marketing business, my drastically altered lifestyle, and finally getting caught up on bills are all coming together right now.  Moreover, 2011 really sucked for me and I am not going to hope for a better year in 2012.  I’m going to make it a better year!  With that in mind, here are my resolutions.

1)  Have 10 paying clients by 2013.

2)  Pay down my debts.

3)  Start saving for an engagement ring this year; at least $25/month.

4)  Get social again.  Network to meet new people and reconnect with friends I’ve abandoned the few months.

These were already goals of mine to begin with but I’m going to approach them differently.  The first goal needed a number.  I think ten is a good one.  It’s attainable and if reached will really help me with goals 2, 3 and 4.

Goal 3 needed a deadline.  I keep putting it off.  This year I will start saving.  I would like to put a higher dollar amount to it but at this point $25/month will be a start.

Admittedly, goals 2 and 4 are weak but I don’t want to set some grand target and get discouraged by slow progress in the first few months because I’m still broke.  Also, I don’t want to set the bar too low because as my financial situation improves I will be able pay off more debt and attend more get togethers.  So I started a list of monthly goals and put it on the fridge to keep me focused and accountable and to allow for adjustments as I go.  My goals for January are to pay down $100 of credit card debt, join a new group, land my first paying client, and put $100 into savings.  That will be a modest but good start.

Some of my old friends called yesterday needing a sixth man on their dart team so I joined.

Join a New Group:  CHECK