Highway of Speed Bumps

Last week was pretty brutal; like a high way of speed bumps.  While looking ahead last Sunday I knew it was going to be a tough week, given my intense work schedule and time-consuming objectives.  I had set my mind to plough through it but I didn’t know half of what I was up against.

Lately, the restaurant has been short-staffed.  The week of Valentines Day is one of the busiest weeks of the year.  As expected, I was scheduled to work every single night and doubles on the weekend for a total of 9 shifts.  In addition, my shifts started earlier and ended later than usual, especially Valentines Day.  It’s not so bad to work every night as long as I have enough time during the day to work on my business and an early out or two so to have some time at night to touch base with my client and spend some time with my girlfriend before it gets too late.  Those early nights also allow me catch up on sleep if necessary.  I sort of have a routine and this last week threw it all off-balance.    On top of that, I had four disasters occur.

First, the sewer lines backed up into my apartment on Valentines Day.  The main for the whole property was clogged so whenever the tenants in the main house flushed a toilet or ran water it backed up into our apartment because our apartment sits lower than the house.  Shit literally runs down-hill.  Unbeknownst to them their toilet was running for hours (somebody forgot to jiggle the handle) so ours was over-flowing for hours, flooding our apartment with the foulest mix of shit you can imagine.  It backed up into the shower too.  My girlfriend spent the night at a friend’s house so she could shower for work in the morning.  Thus, I was left to deal with the plumber and clean up the mess.  The only good part was all the puns…can you believe that shit?  Why does this shit have to happen this week?  Yeah, I cleaned that shit up.

The second disaster shouldn’t have been a disaster at all, maybe an incumbrance at best.  My car needed brakes.  I had been putting it off for two months and knew if I didn’t do it soon I would end up with a major problem.  Plus, during my Monday commute I had to slam on the brakes and noticed they don’t work so well in that type of situation.  Enough is enough.  I scheduled it early in the morning so I could still put in a solid day’s work afterwards.  But fuck me runnin’ sideways, an hour and a half job turned into 6 hours!  By the time I got home I had just enough time to take a shower and get to work.

Next day, my girlfriend’s car won’t start…as if I need to spend another day at Firestone.  Jumping it did not work so it could be the alternator.  Hoping it’s just a really dead battery though.  Regardless, I’ve had to shuttle her to and from work the last few days.  Another hour a day gone.

Fourth, my girlfriend’s dog had a seizure yesterday during a conference call with my client.  We had been playing phone tag all week and didn’t get more than 30 seconds in before I had to go.  For that I was frustrated but for the dog I was scarred.  It was Sunday so the vet was closed and I couldn’t afford to take him to an emergency clinic.  Fortunately, he was back to normal before I had to go to work.  However, this is the second time he has done this so we need to figure out why this is happening.  The blood work will be expensive but I can’t let the little guy suffer.

So….Monday was the only normal day I had.  The rest of the week was pretty much sabotaged.  I did not prospect for new clients like I wanted to.  I did not complete any of the medial tasks I promised my client.

However, last week wasn’t a complete failure.  I still managed to notch a few achievements.  While at the body shop I skimmed through an entire book on Wordpress that I’d been meaning to get to since November.  I learned a lot about plug-ins, user management, advanced customization, optimization, and other cool stuff I honestly didn’t understand yet.  I also enrolled two business ideas in a fast pitch event coming in three weeks.  Who knows maybe someone will like one of them.  I checked the block on some monthly financial goals too.  Best of all, what I would I call my crowing achievement in a shit week, I finally persuaded my client to redo the book cover, found a good freelancer to do the job, and looks like we’ll get rolling on it this week.

Looking forward to a smoother road this week.


If These Walls Could Talk

I found out today that we get to keep the apartment.  My landlord’s job as a commission only salesperson charged with signing up businesses for some association lobbying against Obamacare (because it’s unconstitutional) didn’t work out.  It took some will power and a pretend cough not to laugh when he told me this.  So they are no longer moving to Savannah and no longer need us to move out.  Yay!  Call off the apartment search.

Or maybe not.  It turns out the dogs weren’t just acting up when they would go crazy, barking and scratching at a seemingly innocuous section of the floor or wall.  The last few nights I’ve been hearing scratching and squeaking in the walls and in the rafters and underneath the floor.  It’s all around us.  These guys aren’t small either…sometimes it’s so loud and intense that I am convinced they are about to break through the drywall.  So I get up, turn on the lights, grab a baseball bat, and search the areas where the noise is coming from, expecting to see a head poking through with arms flailing to pull the rest of the body past the threshold.  A neighbor of ours had that exact thing happen.  A squirrel had scratched through their ceiling and gotten stuck with its head poking out into the living room.  I figured we had the same pests judging by the intensity and loudness of the scratching and the size of the holes I found in our siding where they are no doubt getting in.  Plus, squirrels are literally in every tree in our subdivision.

Then yesterday my girlfriend went to take the trash out to the can in the alley when she saw a “big mouse” bigger than my fist lumber across the yard and into one of the holes in our siding.  Yep, rats!  Even worse, at least squirrels are kind of cute.

Luckily the landlord isn’t trying to down play or avoid the problem.  The exterminator is coming out tomorrow.  My fear though is that if they kill them with something they may die in the walls and smell.  Or worse yet, the costs to seal up the dozens of holes and cracks from warped boards and deteriorated siding on the exterior of this ‘lovely’ carriage home will be too expensive for them to afford thus making this a reoccurring problem.