Press Release Revisited

Thanks to fellow blogger and author, Robert Chazz Chutes, I have been reinvigorated to tackle this press release dilemma and have a new plan of attack.  At first I was coming at this thing with the angle that the author is revealing what really goes on in corporate America through the funny stories in this book.  That angle is alarmist, over-hyped, jaded, and distorts the point of the book.  Misleading journalists is a no-no but I figured it was the only newsworthy angle I had.  After reading Chazz’s press release my mind has been opened up to new possibilities.  It doesn’t have to be just about the book, in fact it’s probably better if it’s not, and it doesn’t have to be a five alarm fire to get published.

Today I am going to develop a new press release that explores why we have to laugh at the crap that goes on in day-to-day corporate America in offices around the country.  A for the sake of our own sanity take.  My hope is that it will be a breath of fresh air for biz journalists and they will see value in that for their readers.

Can’t thank Chazz enough!  If you’re writing a press release for your self-published book read this post from Chazz’s blog and his corresponding press release.

Note: these links were posted by me unsolicited by Chazz

Also, here are two of the best articles I’ve found on writing press releases.  The first sums up the goal of a press release and the second is a guide to writing one.

Hope this helps someone as much as it helped me!


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